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 The Scent That Captures That "1930s Moment"!

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or to the various credited sources © 2014



While poetry might have a ‘mouth’, promotional copy has

A snout, and advertising versification, a nose; a nose for

Shopping habits and impulse-buying; the job of the sponsored

‘Copywriter is the poeticising of consumer goods’, to cast

A spell of word-magic, verbal hypnotism on the Centaur-

Hoofing customer and rheumy-eyed consumer, so S.I.

Hayakawa hypothesised in Language In Thought And Action,

And reiterated it through several print impressions: ‘A poet …

Cannot let a yellow primrose remain merely a yellow primrose …

The primrose comes to symbolise things…’, less so in prose;

‘Similarly, an advertising copywriter cannot permit a cake

Of soap to remain a cake of soap and “nothing more”…

Like the poet [he] must invest it with significance so that it

Becomes symbolic of something beyond itself…’ –this is

Advertising basics: make words WORK for you, like money,

Make words PAY: certain metaphors, terminology,

Nomenclature, imperative vocabularies can pay incalculable

Dividends by driving divide-and-rule dirigibles of reductive

Directives; semantic tags sprout price-tags; stigmatisation

Is capitalisation of certain problem groups; transforms them

From camel humps to cash cows of clawed-back state assistance;

In laymen terms, call a spade a spade and you’ll be well paid –

Call it the Primrose Promise, or the mock-polemic of Primrose

Hill’s pheromones of artificial champagne-fluted lefts: blue

Labourites, red Tories, orange liberals, conservative

Revolutionaries, Stalinist reactionaries, anarchistic factions,

Laptop partisans, armchair protestors, cup-and-saucer radicals,

Syndicalists, gradualist Quarmbys, contrarian entryists and

Buy-to-let Bolsheviks of the Violet Revolution which drives

Through gentrification of the metropolitan precincts, scented

With amonia and DEVON VIOLET: more than just a perfume,

It’s a redolent directive, addictively reductive, tartly antediluvian –

All anyone can ask anyone else today is whether they’ve seen

The latest advert for DEVON VIOLET melt the television screen:




“DEVON VIOLET, eau de austérité! Come and be baptised

In this toilet-water of Austerity; miracle spa for all

Material maladies –makes Lourdes look like a Butlins lido!

Have you got the fiscal restraint it takes to be an upstanding

Pedestrian today? Don’t want to be out-of-touch with

The urban bucolic in the midst of empty stores? Want to

Opt-out from the pop-up shops and blink-and-you’ll-miss-it

Retail refurbishments? Fed up with boarded-up?Want to

Powder your nose, freshen up a bit, but asset-rich and cash-poor?

Then point your proboscises no further: Odour of Devon Violet

Will sieve out all those fumes of stagflation for an affordable

Price: puts the kink back into fiscal consolidation with its

Irresistible musk painstakingly fermented by hand-picked

Opportunists, austeriticians, plutocrats and financial

Falangists –DEVON VIOLET's natural spring cadences are

Guaranteed to wash away those impecunious blues with

Their special nuanced hints of taffeta, muslin, velvet and

Choicest lotus to help you drift off far away from flu of affluence

And avaricious viruses into soothing fumes of pharmaceutical

Aspirations –Atishoo, atishoo, and they all fall down, those

Daffodils and failures, daffodils and failures, falling at

First hurdles, while violets of adversity survive, flourish in

Spite of difficult decisions and tough choices; victor over

Transitory voices; spring into violet shouts from the weeding

Of deregulation; blossom in valleys of unmaking, dismantling,

Tax-evading, investing in fumigated futures, sustainable

Olfactory infrastructures, dismantling malingering odours,

Blooming from green shoots of sluggish growth into proscriptive

Recovery –Try the pilot sample, straight from the sunny uplands,

Free at the point of spivery with every respectable red-top:

DEVON VIOLET –You KNOW it makes Scents –because it

HAS to, as there IS NO ALTERNATIVE, so don’t be a deficit-

Denying profligate wallflower: immerse yourself in the fragrance

Of fiscal flagellation and national self-harm –buy DEVON

VIOLET today!” You know it pays to spray the cheapest way!

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