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 The Scent That Captures That "1930s Moment"!

All material copyrighted to © 2014

or to the various credited sources © 2014



DEVON VIOLET uniquely captures that 1930s moment!


…Also available as a deodorant.


Strike up the Violet Voluntaries –tumperty-tump-te-pum:


O we do like to be beside the Cheapside,

O we do like to scrimp along the Cheap…

Te-tump-te-tump-te-tump timpy-tump-te-tump-te-tump

Beside the Cheapside, beside the Cheap…


And we do like to be put on the Scrapheap…


O what saucy postcard larks in the hall of smoke and mirrors

And the booth at the end of the pier where the Gypsy fortune

Teller has her palms crossed with silver before she tells you

There’s no future… Tumperty-tum… The jingly head-scarfed

Roma woman, Madam Latchkey, sits in the perfumed mists

Of her violet-scented joss-sticks and mystical deficits -

Violet is the colour of clairvoyance, vibe of seventh sense,

Thought often touted with counterfeit effects and spoilt pence,

But cross a palm with silver and the punters spot no difference,

Putting one over on the public’s the way to restore confidence…





Two parties coming together to sort the mess left by Labour,

By Labour, by Labour, by Labour, by Labour, Labour, Labour,

We’re going to have to cut and cap and balance up the books,

The “scroungers” and “malingerers” will be first up on hooks,

Those “muggers of hardworking taxpayers” have had their day,

Now it’s time to slash their giros, spare rooms, make work pay

By making benefits impoverish further –Time to stigmatise

The curtain-shutters, layabouts and daylight-dodgers, cut them

Down to size, for they’re all cut from the same scummy cloth,

Strip the crips of benefits and tick them off the Atos List –

It’s not quite a ‘boot stamping on a baby’s face’, but a fist

Right in the solar plexis of the profligate and “feckless”,

The parasites of “lifestyle choice” –all in the name of “fairness”!

We have the largest peace time budget deficit since the War –

(Tumpty-tum!); we were bankrupt then, now we’re asset-rich

But cash-poor (tumpety-tum-tum-tum!); but this Coalition Gove-

-rnment will use fiscal methods more akin to the scorched-earth

Economics of the decade before, the Thirties’ cusp, to be precise,

When slums and Hoovervilles rolled out like urban sprawls

Over citizens, while greenback bills were hoovered up by Wall

Street’s bottom-feeding speculators who’d tipped the Western World

Into Depression in the first place –but we’ll use the rhetoric

Of post-war Labour’s caps and rations, market mass attrition

Of the poorest in the kinder diction of Attleean Austerity

(When we really were “all in it together”), crank up scapegoating

Of the mythological “Scrounger” –And so say all of us!– turn

The dictionary on its head, call ‘persecution’ “compassion”;

Call ‘stigmatisation’, “justice”; call ‘theft’, “trustification”;

Call ‘eviction’, “decanting”, ‘street-homelessness’, “rustication”;

Call ‘social cleansing’, “gentrification”, call ‘fiscal fascism’,

“Book-balancing”, or “fairness”, or anything else but what

It actually is; couch eugenics lexicon in euphemistic Press

Release-ese, but indulge in Malthusian dysphemisms

To play to the gore-hungry galleries, whip up public contempt

For the sponging unemployed, the malingering sick and disabled –

Get up Lazarus, we’ve kicked away your sticks! Get down to

Atos, if you’re fit enough to resurrect you’re fit enough to work!–

Stigmatise drug abusers, gypsies, travellers, the mentally ill,

Immigrants, Roma, WRAGs, NEETS, CHAVS, ASBOs, LTBs

(De-abbreviated to “Lazy Thieving Bastards” by Jobcentre-

Plus employees (all human puss is the same to us) beset by

Compassion fatigue –though strictly For Internal Use Only)

And –so say all of us– lump the lumpenproletariat all in together,

And all other non-contributory “social problem groups” who

Don’t quite fit into the tightly budgeted ‘Brig Society’ –a badge

For each angle of scapegoating, insignia for stigmatisation,

What better shape than a triangle, equilateral naturally,

Inverted or pointing upwards, thrusting, or turned down,

Depending on gradations of degradations and choicest indigences,

Some even crossed both ways against one another to form stars,

And all chromatically coded depending on degrees of undesirability,

The particular tilt of state-burdonesomeness and taxpayer liability…

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