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 The Scent That Captures That "1930s Moment"!

All material copyrighted to © 2014

or to the various credited sources © 2014



Soon the self-emulsifying polyol stearates caught on in Blighty

And GOSNELL’S & CO. erected an olfactory causeway between

Paris and London, a Franco-Anglo odopoly, and the products

Were distilled, bottled and marketed thick and fast as olfactory

Fashion demanded –


GOSNELL’S lotion “SUBLIME” – London Paris

GOSNELL’S floral lotion “Society”

GOSNELL’S Lavender Water

GOSNELL’S Cherry Blossom soap tablet – “a charm to existence”

ESSENCE OF VIOLET – “England’s sweetest flower” extracted by

JOHN GOSNELL & CO. LTD., Perfumers by appointment of Her Late

Majesty the Queen – London & Paris

GOSNELL’S DEVON VIOLET Sabonetes (soaps, pink)

GOSNELL’S Eau De Cologne

GOSNELL’S Heliotrope

GOSNELL’S DEVON VIOLET perfume bottle, milkglass, with Shakespeare’s House painting on it


GOSNELL’S DEVON VIOLET Bottle Atomiser (with glass bulb

and egg-shaped palm-sized pump on other end)


And GOSNELL’S is still going, is in vogue again in these nasally

Straitened times when more and more citizens seeks cheaper

Scents and perfumes to fumigate the fœtor of profligates…


“We can provide all strengths from Eau de Toilette and Eau de

Parfum to Parfum as well as Body Spritzes, Dry Oils and Mists.


We work with a variety of perfume houses to create exclusive scents –

Just as property speculators sub-let damp flats for inflated rents”



...And O those DEVON VIOLET ATOMISERS are making

Their mark more than ever before, bringing in dividends,

Not just for GOSNELL’S, but for governments: simply press

The pump in the palm and spray away, it always pays

To atomise one’s day, for this is the age of atomisation,

The age of Making Work Pay… in ever-decreasing stigmatisations

The more one’s zero hours increase, and the less one claims –

O atomisers are back in fashion, the fiscal pump and spray,

O atomisers are back in fashion, the must-have of Austerity,

The affordable perfume apparatus for the acquisitive today,

Choicest accoutrements, chic decanters of effervescent scents…





Yes, DEVON VIOLET’s in vogue again –accosts us like an

Olfactory hallucination, but a collective phantosmia,

For many of us smell that strange, extravagant fragrance, Equivocal violet, scent of uncertainty, individuality,

Artificiality, vanity –all those questionable traits made so Nationally respectable since that brash materialistic

Ascendancy in the antiseptic-scented, gel-greased Eighties,

But which, during Austerity, needs-must be further

Consolidated, concentrated into fashionable consumer Complacency (and Customer Compliance) –equivocal Violet,

As a colour, has no clear identity on the spectrum (forever

At the edge of sight, perennial peripheral pigment of perception

That has always been there, since the ancients remember,

At the verges of vision, barely perceptible at times unless

Captured in a certain type of light), but is symbolic as an

Accidental synthesis of others, a magpie pigment, hue

Of emperors and royalty, juice of the rubus, sap of the bilberry

Used by the Romans to dye the clothes of their slaves as Pliny

The Elder noted; the colour, taste and scent sourced from

The Viola plant, or, Parma Violet trees of Italy,

Lavender-flowered, sterile shrubs and yet they flourished,

Much stock put by their reproduction through cuttings;

First distilled to a chemical scent as a serendipitous

Residue from experiments by Perkin to manufacture

Quinine: the result was a synthetic dye, named mauviene…

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