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 The Scent That Captures That "1930s Moment"!

All material copyrighted to © 2014

or to the various credited sources © 2014



Red triangle for political agitators, protestors, social democrats,

Socialists, anarchists and suspect left-wingers;

Green triangle for undergraduate dissidents, campus campaigners;

Blue triangle for foreign immigrants, black market labourers;

Purple triangle for socialists, communists and leftists masquerading

As ‘Christians’ (Postit: the recent crop of Archbishops of Canterbury

Are particularly suspect –seditious loose canons);

Pink triangle for homosexuals, metrosexuals, molestors and

Suspected paedophiles (at least, those not in high office);

Violet triangle for suspect poets and polemicists;

Black triangle for the "work shy" (Arbitschessu), feckless,

Scroungers, spongers, grubs, parasites, benefit cheats, layabouts,

Daylight-shirkers, curtain-shutter, artists, poets, WRAGS, NEETS,

Alcoholics, vagrants and beggars, pacifists, conscription resisters,

Lesbians, prostitutes, some anarchists, drug addicts, the mentally

Ill (incl. pharmaceutical addicts and guineapigs), and all those

Who would irrationally trample green shoots;

Brown triangle for Roma (Gypsies), travellers, Micks, New Age

Pagans, Druids, longhairs, sandal-wearers, lotus-eaters;

Uninverted red triangle for spies, entryists, reds, pinkos, Trots

(both Trotskyites and Trotskyists, etc.…

Univerted violet triangle for unemployed poets and polemicists

[Memo: all Strictly For Internal Use Only].


We have groups of undesirables for every colour of the rainbow,

So in terms of persecution and dishing out stigmas we’re spoilt

For choice –it’s mindboggling, but exciting at the same time:

So many colours to choose from, so many wrappers to wind up,

It’s like rifling through a lucky dip or a tin of Quality Street:

So many different flavours to each discriminating sweet…


Red and yellow and pink and green,

Orange and purple and blue,

We can pin a rainbow,

Slap an ASBO,

Stick a stigma on you…

Triangles copy



We must remythologise the Scrounger Gog and Magog Ogre

Grotesques of Beveridge’s Five Giant Evils, pevert

Their symbolic meanings verbatim to fit the fashionable

Rubric of a “benefits-fiddling” nation: Ignorance, Squallor,

Want and Disease are image-manageable, but one in particular

Is ripe for antipathetic publicity, must be highlighted

For mythologizing as an epidemic of moral failing:

Idleness –scourge of a “something for nothing” culture,

But rhetorical ambrosia for Iain ‘Damascus’ Smith,

Oratorical manna, source of anti-Damascene masturbation  

At the thunderstruck despatch-box, swinging his Damoclean

Sword over workless scalps, shaping “public opinion”

With the help of red-top agitprop parroting his own spin –

The afflatus of fibbing briefs fuels Malthusian arousal

Among tabloid slatterns who reciprocate fixatedly with

Scoops on the “feckless” and “profligate”, performing

Their daily fellatio on their misanthropic readerships –

Amplified to phantom ‘vox pops’ and rat-catching attitudes

He and his right-wing columnist compatriots have constructed

Through constant “scrounger” squawking; thus parroting

His own opinions by repeating their public-parroting:

The arch-ventriloquist, Parrot-Tsar of ‘Scroungergate’ –

Pieces of eight, pieces of hate, thirty pieces of silver-

Plated hate!– asserting with clenched teeth and throated

Swazzle that he agrees with his own manakins: Mr Duncan

Smith concords with Mr Punch, recapitulates “public opinion”

String-pulled by his Department of Wireless Puppeteers…


Dat’s de day du do it, dat’s de day du do it,

Put de workshy through de wringer, let de public chew it…


Beware the silver-mounted mint-ruminating monkey,

The Nicorette-chewing Roman Catholic orang-utan

In pinstriped suit: he’s also the organ-grinder –can

You see him twisting the knife in, screwing in the grinding key…?

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