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 The Scent That Captures That "1930s Moment"!

All material copyrighted to © 2014

or to the various credited sources © 2014




So the Punch and Juda Show trips on to titillate its audience

Thirsting for certain social problem groups to blame for austerity

And its’ limiting of their spending power to afford the latest

Means of escape, newest motorised commodities, disingenuous

Gadgets designed for undurability, or new additions to

Their property portfolios –Mr Punch will slap a stigma

On Jude for them, under the new sobriquet of “Scrounger”,

Thus distracting the punters from MPs’ filched expenses,

Property-flipping, tax-‘relocation’, and other acceptable

Peccadiloes of bourgeois bling –lenient sentences for sons

And daughters of capitalist excess caught with their hands

In public coffers, in spite of their riches, simply because

The opportunities arose and they just couldn’t resist them

(O the magnetic pull of those expense-sparing temptations),

But with good solicitors they’ll get off lightly with slapped wrists,

Be effortlessly pardoned, then make the next year’s Honours Lists

(If they’ve not been stripped of their Honours already) once

They’ve refunded their frauds –but no such lenience for

Pauperised “spongers”, even once they’ve coughed back up

Their desparately needed scraps –they must be made

Examples of: “tougher sentences” for those unfeelingly

Defined as “benefit cheats” for “fiddling” claims or dabbling

A bit on the side, simply to get by, make ends meet, avoid

Ending up on the street: apparently these ‘dole-fiends’ have

Had it so good for so long, only being publicly “named

And shamed” –for their entrepreneurial spirit when seriously

Up against it– on the front of red-tops, pilloried for ‘crimes’

Of cutting corners that would otherwise cut them, just to

Continue existing in straitened times, through a smoke-and-

Mirrors social security labyrinth, a fire and brimstone pit

Of homeiletic protocols sculpted in tablets of compliances

Via a Department of Whiphands and Punishments, which

Disenfranchises, penalises, impoverishes at every twist

And turn of tortuous protocols; encourages stigmatisation

And neighbourly espionage against its own “customers”;

Obfuscates statistics; hypberolises “benefit fraud” to

Epidemics, rumour-mongering IDS-spun “Idleness”

Diseases –so rhetoric cranks up some notches more, now

Out of the mouths of multi-propertied metropolitan lawyers:

The so-called “fraud” of the poor will be punished identically

To that of corporates, the affluent and super-rich (so much

For moral relativism –it’s a funny old kind of “fairness”!)…


But in spite of this, there are those who proselytise the warped

Religion of “tough love” and soft hate tactics of inquisition,

Who think those previous ten month prison sentences

Were too wishy-washy for the waifish likes of “welfare fiddlers”

(Even if their microscopic ‘pilgering’ is fuelled on pure

Financial desperation due to caps to their benefits, “spare”...

...Bedrooms and third babies thrown out with bathwaters onto

Emptying shelves of tin-rattled Trussell Trusts) –so now

The penalties will be upgraded in line with the Pin-Striped

Price Index, to do more time, scrape more burnt porridge,

Irrespective of abject circumstances, up to ten years for future

Offenders –now it’s official: poverty and unemployment

Have become criminal offences –punishable with mandatory

Community service indistinguishable from those served by

Convicted criminals, felons, ex-offenders serving their

Probations –but what are these claimants’ offences? Those

Of simply being poor? Of daring to brandish empty bowls

And ask “Please Sir, can I have some more?” (their Beadles

Think they mean punishments…). So, to celebrate Charles

Dickens’ centenary, this Government of Victoriana

Collectors are re-establishing debtors’ prisons without walls,

And mobile workhouses of “work for dole”, structurally

Invisible, but contracturally back in practice –for, once more,

It’s official: poverty is not a failing of government, but

A phrenological fault, a moral failing in certain genotypes

More prone to social transgressions; ingrown ontological

Regressions, viral recidivisms in the “workshy” of the species…





Beveridge’s welfare blueprint wasn’t meant to adumbrate

A future claimant client state of electoral Helots inflated

By Labour to harvest more votes among the profligate –


Should have a higher income than their hardworking neighbours,

We must deflate the Welfare State by any means acceptable –

And for that we rely on public hate fuelled through government

Spin and red-top-herring pleb-bait, hyperbolic SCROUNGER

Headlines, fanning the Welfare Hate, emphasize TAX LINKS

To benefits, peg them in line with the JUDE INDEX,

Stigmatise and disseminate acceptable dysphemisms

To be dished out to dole-reprobates by pay day hoi polloi:

Claimants on the make, scroungers, spongers, parasites,

Useless eaters who only take, layabouts, daylight dodgers,

Curtain-shutters –pit the working poor against the welfare-

Weaners, facilitate a tacit vigilante brigade, a ScroungerWatch

On every street, in every estate –Espionage R Us; Shop

Thy Neighbour– monitoring how late they leave their dingy

Digs each day (for many, to defenestrate themselves

Out into streetbound stigma –small wonder so many sleep off

Their lives on benefits, for unconsciousness provides escape

From a scapegoating culture and having to scrimp and scrape

To fill the hungry moling hours, the house doused in darkness,

The empty meter, the empty plate, tribulations of Pleb Bait),

Monitoring the slightest movement or tremor from underneath

Dole-hills of mounting bills, rifling through their morning post...

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