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 The Scent That Captures That "1930s Moment"!

All material copyrighted to © 2014

or to the various credited sources © 2014

Of so many obsolete Chubb keys clutched by evictees

After the locks to their hovels have been sealed; will

Unthinkingly lump all the agents of regeneration, growth

And wealth creation into one single homologous Ogreish

Gestalt of “tax-evading oligopolists”, altogether

Combining to form the phantom Sixth of Beveridge’s ‘Five’

Giant Evils: Disease, Want, Squallor, Ignorance, Idleness…

And ‘Privilege’! What do these plebs and scumbags know about

Privilege that makes them think they have the inalienable

Right to criticise it? The politics of Envy, that’s what it is!

These rabbles of subversives born with black-spoons in

Their sloganeering gobs, who’ve never done a decent

Day’s waged graft in their lives, nor know anything

Of the well-past-its-sell-by-date dignity of labour, only

Scrounged some tins from Poundlands they’ve been shelved in,

On paid-in-grind work placements, opportunities

For exploitation –pounced on by the ever-enterprising

Warburg Pincus’ pincers; refuseniks who’ve never even

Progressed beyond flat-sharing, dossing in camouflaged

Communes, squatting, or sofa-surfing, who’ve only yet

Dreamt of one day renting their own place –so much for

Aspiration– well they’d better get earning and saving, or

They’ll only have themselves to blame –but you can bet your

Bottom pound they’ll blame the system! They’re a disgrace!





But still these ragged refuseniks of the great unwashed

Bang on about ‘corporate tax-dodgers’ and ‘carpetbaggers’,

Stigmatising anyone who’s so much seen in a pin-striped

Suit in the City as “parasites”; and they’ll carry on about

How those unemployed people the DWP is desperately

Trying to lift out from poverty, to help wean off benefits

Abuse, plasma screens and McObesity, of being “forced

To work for free” through some sort of “slavery” –Has any

One of these Trendy Lefties ever been strapped in a Galley

And whipped within an inch of their stripes to keep on rowing?

Keel-hauling’s too good for them. So, according to them,

The workless now work for free, and must be grateful for it,

On pain of losing all entitlements to state assistance,

And ostracised, or, as they call it, again, in bad taste, “socially

Cleansed”… And come the new four day extension to

The twenty-four already in place between the loss of a job

And the right to make a claim (‘O old Iain “Damascene” Smith

And Baron Osborne like to rub our noses in it: signing on to

Sign our rights and dignities away’, as they’ll spin it)…



And how is this all to be achieved? Well, according to

These Sunday subversives, through advertising! Cue

Government mantras and straplines strung like bunting

Throughout the land: “We’re all in this together”, “We

Owe it to the next generation to pay our debts”, “Britain

Has to pay its way in the world”, “The nation’s maxed out

Its credit card!”, “There is no alternative”, etcetera, etcetera –

The trendy Reds, dreadlocked refuseniks, spendthrift Lefties,

Unshaven Shavians and three-day’s-growth Trotskyists

Will trot out those slogans in sarcastic tones as if to suggest

Such austerity narratives are being circulated like bogus

Brochures touting for customers in hackneyed text (that’s

How much they’ll cheapen any attempt at dialectic!), yes,

They’ll try to portray such essential directives as derivative

Advertising verbiage, hypnotic product-pitching, so much

Commercial spiel, consumer mesmerism, as if to appeal

To the public’s appetite for consumption in spite of its

Paucity of spending power, presented in some tempting

Plastic package, branded and labelled ready for purchase

As some self-immolating commodity for the austerity-

Strapped populace to lap up, nudged into emptying

Their impecunious pockets –sifting through tumbleweeds

Of ancient receipts– and paying up to be complicit in

Their own disenfranchisement and indefinite overdrafts

Of deprivation, even to buy shares in social cleansing

Of their communities, in many cases, sponsoring their own

Scooping-up and decanting into ghettoes out-of-town,

Degeneration Zones and Renterprise Precincts –all to

Pay off some “mythic deficit”…! It’s enough to make you

Want to spit, just to think of it –such irrational and infantile

Attempts to tar all ministers, politicians, tycoons, corporates,

Markets, Buy-To-Vet property developers and speculators,

Absentee landlords, absent-hearted lettings agents, loan sharks,

Pawnbrokers, pay day lenders, bailiffs, with one broad

Simplistic brush, as being uniformly usurious, parasitic,

Sculpting opportunities out of the poverties of those millions

Lumped with poor credit –once more proving in droves

That all properties are not-so-petty thefts – and debts

Exacerbated by caps to benefits, hikes on rent, bedroom taxes

And doughnut churns of gerrymandered population limits –

Each community bulldozed through to put down new

Gentrified roots of paving stones for another ruthless

Cul-de-sac called Malthus Mews! To think these grubby

Polly Toynbee pinko-whippets, whipped-up scrubbers

And truculent work-shy rebrobates will at a moment’s

Notice pitch themselves outside industrious portacabins

With their grotty little placards, rattling out their litanies

Of chants metallically with mock-outrage and synthetic

Emotion, thumping tubs and clanging cymbals to crescendos...

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