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 The Scent That Captures That "1930s Moment"!

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or to the various credited sources © 2014

Self-emulsifying polyol stearates were introduced from

The 1930s; the testers for these were originally patented under

Telgin. This marked something of a distillatory renaissance:

Now all materials were heated and mixed together, then poured

Into containers –this revolutionised the process of vanishing

Cream manufacture, making it considerably simpler (de Navarre,

1975). Creams were supremely softer than the traditional stearates

But unfortunately often lost their pearly sheen. Nevertheless,

Vanishing Creams had a non-greasy advantage which rendered

Them eminently suitable for daytime use by women with oily skin.

As well as allowing powder to stay intact on the face, they

Were also advertised as protecting the skin from ‘chapping

Winds’ and ‘sooty breezes’. The presence of a humectant

Was used as the basis for claims that they helped reduce loss

Of moisture from dry skin… And then there was Hazeline Snow:

Doubtless there were certain coteries who used make-up liberally

But it certainly wasn’t common, and the jars and flasks contained

Eau-de-cologne as opposed to true scent, while cold cream was

Used as a broad lubricant. Chapped hands carried glycerine.

The chic Parisians were pioneers of foundation medium –dashingly

Many milky English wives purchased the dinky tubes of Pond’s

Erasmic Vanishing Cream, and shared them out among their friends

Like scarce and illicit indulgences. This marked a true advance

In cosmetics: the powder stuck to one’s nose so one needn’t squint

Downwards with one eye to check if it had acquired that type

Of uncomely polished look, so frowned-upon, a proboscis taboo…

DEVON VIOLET’s natural spring cadences are guaranteed to wash

Away those Tory blues with their special nuanced hints

Of taffeta, muslin, velvet and choicest lotus, help you drift

Far away from flu of affluence and avaricious viruses

Into the soothing fumes of pharmaceutical aspirations –

Atishoo, atishoo, and they all fall down, those daffodils

And failures, falling at first hurdles, while violets

Of adversity survive, flourish in spite of difficult decisions,

Victor over transitory choices, spring into violet shouts

From the weeding of deregulation, blossom in valleys

Of unmaking, dismantling, tax-avoiding, investing

In fumigated futures, sustainable olfactory infrastructures,

Dismantling malingering odours, blooming from green

Shoots of sluggish growth into proscriptive recovery –

Try the pilot sample, straight from the sunny uplands,

Free at the point of spivery with every respectable red-top:

DEVON VIOLET You KNOW it makes scents –because it

HAS to, as there IS NO Alternative, so don’t be a deficit-

Denying profligate wallflower: immerse yourself in

The fragrance of fiscal flagellation and national self-harm –

Buy DEVON VIOLET today!” You know it pays to spray!

“O that decadent mystique of Devon Violet… fouler of the holy odours of the body; divine hircine musk of silky hollows; with its cheap, insipid, off-putting, artificial scent…”

D.V. Lawrence

Dubarry advert

Also now available for a limited period:




Nervousness, Irritability of Temper,

Want of Strength and Energy,

Fear, Dread, Neuralgia,

Hysteria, Disturbed Sleep,

Melancholy and Insomnia,

Socialist Morbidity and Self-Harming Left-Wing Tendencies,

Disillusion with MPs and Parliamentary Democracy,

All forms of Rebelliousness, Protest, Dissention –

DEVON VIOLET Revitalises Vitality, Virility,

Gets you Back in Touch with your Animal Spirits,

Promotes Quiescence, Quietism, Complacency,

Puts you Back on Track with Current Austerities,

Realigns you with Right-Wing Narratives,

A Specially Synthesised Fillip of Fiscal Remedies,

Everyone’s Favourite Antidote to Stagflation Blues



Also available in Pill-form

Or in Bespoke consistencies specially concocted to meet

Your specific needs, tailor-made to all nuances of neurosis


Endorsement: “My nerves are bad tonight but Devon

Violet Nervous Tonic took the edge off them” 

Violet Eliot 


Disclaimer: possible side-effects: handout intolerance;

anti-welfarism; tax-allergy; symptoms of Malthusianism;

Mendelism; heightened eugenics tolerance; attitudinal

fascism; susceptibility to xenophobia and immigrant

scapegoating; masochistic Royalism; comorbid patriotism;

atopic protectionism; chronic “scroungerphobia”...

Anti-capitalist polemic and countervailing viruses

Of anti-austerity dialect can catch like a miasmic bacilli

In the atmosphere, germinate –such militant scents

Are contagious –but you can protect yourself for infection

And prevent the spread of its vitality-sapping, vituperative

Nasal vibes by spraying yourself with DEVON VIOLET

Because DEVON VIOLET is THE No.1 perfume contagion!


Disclaimer: the Medicinalisation of Crisis Lexicon can

Misleadingly imply some form of cure, panacea, magic

Wand or disingenuous overture towards growth by

Spending to get out of debt –but there’s only one way to


The only olfactory fiscal cure for spendthrifts, profligates,

The improvident, parasitic and feckless everywhere!






Storm Jameson
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