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 The Scent That Captures That "1930s Moment"!

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According to Ott –interlocuted by Mander– the retina

Translates light waves, which, ‘aside from their role as

Image creators’, also ‘pass via neurochemical channels

Into and through the pineal and pituitary glands’

(The former supposed by some to be a vestigial visual organ,

The inner or Third eye, and the latter, once believed to be

The lap of the soul), and thus in turn into our ‘endrocine

Systems’, glands which secrete different types of hormones

Into human bloodstreams (strange alchemies!) –and so, through

This weird ‘tele-synthesis’ we take this artificial light into

Our cellular structures, and so crave for more such false-light

Like addicts after a daily fix in front of the set to recharge

The cathode-ray tubes of our heads with vitality-sapping

Radioactivity; and ‘even minute changes in wavelength

Spectra (what we call “colour”)… cause important biochemical

Alterations’ in the body… Ott’s tele-dialectics are

Obscure and little known today, in spite of official diffusion –

And Rediffusion– from the Smithsonian Institute at the time

Of first publication; perhaps because its findings would

Compromise commercial interests of tracing consumer

Televisual habits on which to capitalise, lassitudes

That latch onto the latest lantern models, ever-more invasive

And manipulative, conditioning thought, function and

Behaviour, panaromically Orwellian, slowly eroding

Our natural faculties with false information, vicarious

Experiences, replacement sensations, synthetic sense-

Impressions (until, by Nineteen Eighty-Two, broadcasters

Were attempting to facilitate olfactory interaction with

Scented scratch-cards –Aroma-Scope and Odorama– in a bid

To create Smell-O-Vision! Retarded in its amateur teething

Stages compared to DEVONVIOLETVISION, which has

Successfully introduced the smell-medium into TV viewing,

So now viewers can not only see and hear but also smell

The almost imperceptible scents of people and places on screen,

Though, as yet, not pick up their living auras, still arrested in

Transmission (the synthesis of television with clairvoyance

Is still in the nursery, in terms of experimentation, but it is

Anticipated eventually we will harness the telepathic potential

Of Tele), so humans exude less verisimilitude or personality

Compared to brand-spanking-new products of immanent

Advertising, as we slowly unpeel the labels) –leading to

Conspiracy theories as to televisions being one-way silver

Surface portals for Government Mass Observations– and,

As ever, built to last no longer than the next cyclical tidal shift...

...In spending patterns … Full colour, these macro-scopes

Appear to our eyes, though they only actually emit red, blue

And green light –the other chromatic nuances automatically

Mixed by the palettes of our retinas –we armchair hypno-painters;

Ott also pointed out that all phosporescences are affective,

The only convivial type being quaint old natural light, which

Has its ‘peak intensity in the blue-green region from 450

To 500 nanometers’ at noon –while the most potentially

Damaging is ‘particularly’ at the ‘pink’ end of the spectrum…





In-tune with Anne Waldman’s ‘surrogate moon’ aphorism,

Lousie Lacey, in her Lunaception (1976),

Argued that the female menstrual cycle used to be ‘attuned

To moonlight’ (that ageold ‘White Goddess’ rhythm) -not so

Anymore in post-technological times; one Dr Wurtman

Set about experimenting with rats to prove this thesis,

With sharp results, and stats, and tails of white mice withering

Under concentrated ultraviolet light exposure… Wurtman also

Discovered that ‘a skin disease, erythropoietic protoporphyria’

Was ‘caused by an imbalanced reaction to wavelengths in

The region of 400 nanometers, the region of the colour violet.

Herpes infections and psoriasis represent imbalances

Within a similar range: 365 nanometers, ultraviolet’ –

And more: Wurtman also found that ‘blue light is the most

Effective in decomposing pure solutions of bilirubin,

An imbalance of which causes’ jaundice –O for lack of those

Bilirubin juices! Mander left his focus on the effects of light

And spectra back in 1977 by tantalisingly noting

That ‘People are now beginning to be interested in the effects

Of red light on man’… But if that were truly the case, then,

Ever since the Seventies we should have been craving more

For a chromatic curve away from blue torch-lights towards

A red-shift in perceptions –and this clearly hasn’t happened,

And still yet to, as late as today, in the early twenty-first

Century; it seems instead we have to settle for the adulterated

Compromise of the vacilating violet end of the spectrum…

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